28th June 2022

When does a snack become a meal?

New study by nutrition experts yfood reveals 83% of Brits say dinner is their most substantial meal of the day Market leaders of nutritionally complete food - yfood - share the nutritional differences between snacks and meals

Hi Lisa,I hope you're well and that this is of interest to you! If you would like to sample yfood or speak with Noel Bollman or Ben Kremer, CEOs of yfood, then please do let me know.In this age of I'm-too-busy-for-an-actual-meal, we have become a society of snackers. We all know the feeling of being strapped for time - feeling like there is not enough hours in the day to have a full meal so we compensate by snacking throughout the day instead. An experience shared by many, nutritionally complete food innovaters, yfood found that 83% of Brits say that dinner is the most substantial meal of the day.Snacking is certainly an important factor to integrate into your daily meal routine. However, it is just as important to make sure you are eating enough full meals to fuel your body and get your daily recommended intake. As such, Noel and Ben from yfood comment on the difference between what makes a meal and a snack."Meals, for our purposes, contain the key macro and micronutrients the body needs including a source of protein, veg, and fats. Snacks are anything that does not constitute this full combination. Foods in isolation, such as a handful of nuts, bananas or a protein bar are all classed as snacks.

"The difference between these two intakes on your physiology is huge. A meal, due to its combination of protein, fibre, carbohydrate, and fats, in solid form, is digested and absorbed very slowly in comparison to the same foods eaten in isolation. This slow digestion results in staying satiated and fuller for longer.

"A snack, on the other hand, is far more quickly digested, thus hits the bloodstream quicker and is therefore metabolised faster. Leading to less satiety, more hunger and more dependence on eating frequently."Market leaders of nutritionally complete food, yfood, have advocated for a more conscious eating strategy of maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet anytime and anywhere, by introducing the concept of 'Smart Food’. For those that don't have the time or access to eat a fully balanced meal, yfood serves as a meal alternative which can be consumed alongside a varied diet, by compacting 26 of your key essential nutrients into a 500ml bottle.


What is 'Smart Food' and yfood?yfood occupies a yet unheard of a nutritional category named 'Smart Food', a concept still very much in its infancy that aims to raise awareness and facilitate balanced nutrition that is appropriate to all life situations. Now available in Holland & Barrett, yfood has established itself as the market leader in the Smart Food category in Germany, and is quickly emerging in the UK market. Since the launch of yfood Labs GmbH in Munich in 2017, Ben Kremer and Noel Bollmann have been revolutionising the food industry with their products. Innovative "complete food" in the form of drinks, bars, powders, and hot bowls represents a new way of eating that perfectly fits today's modern lifestyle. All yfood products are balanced, fully mobile (drink) meals and thus combine fast-paced nutrition with a conscious diet.


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