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I hope you're really well. 

I'm getting in touch about Patrick Grant's brand Community Clothing and the recent launch of an innovative, 100% plastic free sportswear collection.

You can read the full press release HERE and I've attached the new look book.

Community Clothing Organic Athletic is a new line of high performance and durable athletic clothing that is 100% plastic free, organic, natural and biodegradable and made exclusively using plant-based textile technology. The new collection for men and women is suitable for a variety of sports and training activities, available in a wide size range and launched on 13th January priced from £29 to £70.

The majority of modern sportswear is made from non-biodegradable oil-based synthetic plastic materials whilst this new line of sportswear is the result of a five year programme of innovation with the brand’s UK textile manufacturing partners, including development of lightweight fast-drying breathable cotton fabrics and an innovative woven natural rubber and cotton elastic. 

It would be great to hear if the collection or product could be featured for editorial stories you are working on. I have product and model images available, can arrange for you to speak to Patrick and send pieces from the collection to trial if needed. 

Very best,


PR - 25.1.24


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