9th January 2023


Byway’s flight-free trips go intercontinental!

Byway launches trips to Morocco to encourage sustainable travel across continents

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London, January 2023 - Sustainable travel start-up, Byway, has launched overland trips to Africa to prove that you don’t need a plane for intercontinental holidays.

Byway predicts that travellers are looking for larger, longer, more enriching trips with memories that last a lifetime. Byway has seen a 150% increase in Morocco trip enquiries in November and December vs. the remainder of 2022 and 30% of Byway holiday bookings in 2022 were ten days or longer, versus 5% in 2021.

Travellers are also looking for sustainable options: 61% of people are determined to travel more sustainably, according to ABTA, and 36% already plan to fly less. Yes, flight-free travel is sustainable, but you’ll also discover slow travel moments and tucked-away places you simply can't reach by air. Fly to Morocco and miss flamenco dancing in Seville, tapas touring Madrid, pintxos in San Sebastián and vintage Bordeaux and canalé in Bordeaux - all features of Condé Nast Traveller’s Juliet Kinsman’s recent Byway trip home from a conference in Morocco.

On Byway’s spectacular 16 day journey across continents from London to Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fez and Casablanca (and back!), you’ll uncover brilliantly bohemian medinas, kite-surfing beaches and blue-rinsed villages. Say goodbye to Europe via Nîmes, Madrid and Cádiz, and cross the strait of Gibraltar into northern Africa on the Tangier ferry. Trundle through mountain scenery by bus and traverse great distances on Morocco's slick high-speed trains, with stays in riads, locally-owned spas, and guesthouses overflowing with Moroccan hospitality.

Morocco has only recently lifted the requirement for a negative PCR test when travelling inbound and Visit Morocco is campaigning for tourism to support economic regeneration. Combine this with people planning longer trips, more awareness of flight-free options and the renaissance of romanticising the journey and what do you have? Intercontinental train and ferry trips.

“Tell someone you’re going from the UK to Africa without a plane and enjoy the raised eyebrows! We hope that our on-demand WhatsApp support and complete travel and accommodation booking service will inspire people who’d previously never considered overland travel to try the delightful overland (and sea!) journeys through France and Spain to Africa. We’re also excited to introduce them to the wonders of Morocco’s train and bus systems to help them avoid the typical tourist traps when they arrive.” Cat Jones, Founder and CEO, Byway.

Book Byway’s 16 day Morocco trip or email Byway Concierge at for a handbuilt, personalised itinerary.  


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